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PRIME CARERS ASSOCIATION incorporated is a non-profit  organization in Nigeria, that is recognized by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number RC: 1136991. This organization is managed by professional social workers who source, train and place carers who provide quality one-on-one in home or residential care for the elderly and specialized assistance for anyone who is unable to wholly look after himself/herself. We provide care service to those who need assistance in carrying out daily tasks, such as dressing and undressing, bathing, toileting, shaving and personal care, getting in and out of bed and out of the house for social activities. People within the age of 65 and above are eligible for our services but we may consider anyone who is not within the specified age, who needs our services. PRIME CARERS ASSOCIATION carries out its services through collaboration and in partnership with medical practitioners. Our caregivers are by your side, in your sight, and within hearing range at all times while at work. They are there to help you with your needs. Our services can be done in a confidential and more secure manner. It is service at the grassroots.

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Vision Statement

 To be the number one God fearing elderly care provider, social care training, consulting and recruitment solution in Nigeria


Providing excellent social care training and development which meets the needs of learners and organisation delivery by highly competent specialised staff that will provide elderly care services.

Our Core Values



Dignity of human person


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16 Umukalunta Street, Meniru Junction, Agbani Road Enugu State
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