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Thank you for supporting our work!

PRIME CARERS ASSOCIATION incorporated is non-profit organization in Nigeria, recognized by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number RC: 1136991. This organizaaton is managed by social workers who source, train and place caregivers to provide quality one-on-one in home or residential care for the elderly and specialized assistance for anyone who is unable to wholly look after themselves. PRIME CARERS ASSOCIATION carries out its services through collaboration and in partnership with medical practitioners and other care agencies. Our caregivers are by your side, in your sight, and within hearing range at all times while at work. They are there to help you with your needs. Our services are carried out in more secure manner.

Having professional standards, ethics and core values at the heart of our service delivery, we provide social services to care homes  and Nursing Homes. Respect, empathy, passion and compassion are our cornerstone.

In Nigeria, We are a major provider of flexible, temporary workforce for care services. Our team of dedicated coordinators, based at local branches across South East Nigeria works with charities, public and private sectors to ensure the delivery of highest standards of care at all times. Providing you with the level of assistance you require and a frequency you prefer, PRIME CARERS cares are invaluable resources that let you focus on living a happy and healthy life full of optimism, grace, and enthusiasm

Donations serve the important role of supplementing provider and individual member dues.

For more information about making a gift of any kind to PCA, please contact us!

Memorial or In Honor of Gifts

Your thoughtful contribution in memory of or in honor of someone helps further our mission to strengthen health care and end-of-life care for the elderly where they choose to be.

Special Event Sponsorships

We organize awareness programs in rural communities on Gender Based Violence, elderly abuse, neglect and other related contemporary issues like Teenage pregnancy, wife/husband battering etc. and educational events that would benefit from your support, including  annual meetings and conferences for sponsorships and partnerships. For specific information, please contact us.

Please make checks payable to PRIME CARERS’ ASSOCIATION.

Thank you for being a supporter of the on-going work of the PRIME CARERS ASSOCIATION in South East Nigeria. Whether your donation is a gift of money, time, talent or know-how, you have made a difference!

Sustaining Memberships and Special Gifts

PRIME CARERS ASSOCIATION expresses its appreciation and honours our donors. Sustaining Memberships and Special Gifts will be gratefully acknowledged, including on our website, e-newsletter, as well as at related events and in printed materials.


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