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Membership in PRIME CARERS’ ASSOCIATION offers these opportunities, all with the goal of helping elderly people in South East Nigeria.

PRIME CARERS’ ASSOCIATION fosters a collaborative spirit among our members. Group leaders actively participate in regular membership meetings and committees where we share ideas, concerns and best practices. We work together on advocacy issues, like commenting on state and federal regulatory issues and maintaining a rapport with legislators and key officials.

PRIME CARERS’ ASSOCIATION offers affordable and convenient training programs on a wide range of caring and social work topics. Members have access to discounted items.

Benefits of Membership

If your company is an approved care centre, hospice or palliative care provider in South East, or an individual who wants to go into caring and social work career we invite you to join us. For organizations who wish to partner with us, we assure you of hard working professionals ready to serve at any time and wherever. For an individual, joining this team prepares you for national and international assignment as long as caring and social work is concern. We expose our team members to live experiences which leave them fearless in undertaking any job within this areas of specialization.

We invite you to join PRIME CARERS’ ASSOCIATION.

Our members consist of all types of agency members — large and small, rural and urban, non-profit organizations.  Members can choose from a full menu of benefits designed to meet the needs of many types of agencies.  Members in PRIME CARERS enjoy access to a rich assortment of benefits to help them to better serve their employees, boards, trustees, and most importantly, their patients and their communities. For individual person, you stand the chance to explore and gain work experience which you desire and work within your job description. You will work in the environment that will respect, and value your person as a social worker or caregiver. One of the benefits of PRIME CARERS’ ASSOCIATION is it ends staff abuse, which is possible where clients deal with the staff directly instead of the association as a body. Employees feel valued for their work because they are able to deliver care with autonomy– they make independent patient care decisions, have incredible job flexibility, and personal growth. To the family members, there won’t be fear of leaving your aged parents or relations in the hands of a stranger. There won’t be any more record of theft cases.

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