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Q: What is in home care?

Ans: in home care is a care service that provides the elderly with one-on-one assistance of a trained caregiver in the comfort of his or her own home. With assistance from a caregiver, elderly people are able to live at home independently and maintain their quality of life. The personal attention they receive vastly improves their safety, health and happiness.

Q: What is unique about the service provided by PRIME CARERS ASSOCIATION?

Ans: We adopt a strict process of caregiver’s selection which includes an exclusive social work and psychologist-generated test that measures honesty and conscientiousness. We also have a Masters-developed outline in gerontology that is used to train our caregivers with proven techniques and skills for improving and prolonging quality of life for our service users. Our caregivers are youths who possess great strentgh and stamna to serve especially in the area of transfering a client from wheel chair to bed, bed to chair etc.

PCA specializes in daily care, with caregivers providing assistance, monitoring and companionship based on the nature of service request. Our holistic approach of Balanced Care and Cognitive Therapeutic methods help to involves service users in fun and effective activities, to promote sustainable behaviours and brain health.

Q: Why is PCA good choice for the elderly?

A: Our experienced caregivers offer the elderly safety, companionship, emotional support and they make sure they receive proper nutrition, taking the correct medication, and more. We ensure that our caregivers are thoroughly trained in fall prevention, nutritional guidance, emotional support, light physical activities that boast brain function. We ensure that the elderly is matched with a caregiver based on his/her personality and life experience. By remaining in their homes, the elderly maintain the lifestyle they have been accustomed to enjoying throughout their life. Keeping all their possessions and familiar surroundings; visit the same stores, restaurants, neighbours and parks they know and love.

Q: How does PCA screen and hire caregivers?

A: PCA thoroughly interviews caregivers by requiring a minimum of two years of verifiable experience with excellent references. We conduct in-depth investigation on their background including previous work, addresses, social affiliation etc. we also verify their educational qualification which majorly provides eligibility for employment.

Q: What makes PCA caregivers such great caregivers?

A: PCA has developed exclusive training programs to provide skill, knowledge and longevity-promoting techniques. We also provide our caregivers with good reading materials to keep them up to date in the job.

Q: How do you supervise caregivers?

A: PCA don’t just post a caregiver to you without plan to keep in constant touch. You work with a full-time Field Supervisor to ensure the highest standards of care are met. Before posting a caregiver, the care team creates a schedule and a plan that covers all aspects of the appropriate care and go over it with the caregiver. A field supervisor visits to ensure the quality of care is exceptional and makes changes as needed.

Q: What is the difference between daily care and hourly care?

A: The daily care service is a situation where a caregiver resides with the client 24/7, ready to assist with all activities of daily living and ensuring safety all hours of the day. Daily care provides service for those elderly people who require close supervision at all times. Hourly care is an hourly service where a caregiver is matched with a client for few hours. The time is based on negotiation either morning, afternoon or night.

Q: What is respite care and how can it help family caregivers?

A: Caring for the elderly especially those suffering from a prolong ailment can be stressful and puts pressure on the relationship. Respite Care is temporary or hourly care designed to give family caregivers a much needed break so they can take care of our priorities in their life and prevent caregiver burnout.

Q: Do you have a service contract I have to sign?

A: No Service Contract with PCA, which means, you can use our services for only as long as you need it.

Q: Why is PCA service good for the elderly’s family members?

A: PCA through its services brings peace of mind to families because your loved one is cared for by the most reliable caregiver, who is on call to serve you 24/7, we minimize the effort and worry of finding, screening, paying and managing a caregiver.

If your caregiver becomes ill or is unable to keep the scheduled visit, our staffing team will work to find you a qualified replacement. We reduce stress for the whole family. Our caregivers allow family members and friends to enjoy quality time with their loved ones, instead of focusing on stressful daily needs.

Q: PCA caregivers provide excellent help at home. Can they assist in locations besides the elderly’s residence?

A: of course yes. We can visit the elderly anywhere they need care. For instance we have placed our caregivers at Owerri and Lagos - outside the office base of PCA.  During hospital stays, our caregivers can provide 24/7 companionship and monitoring for safety.

Our caregivers can even accompany our clients on vacations, enabling them to travel in safety and freedom.




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