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There’s no place like home! 

It’s no surprise that most people prefer the comfort of their home while recovering from an illness or injury, coping with a chronic condition or reaching that time of life when they need assistance. PRIME CARERS’ ASSOCIATION helps elderly people who need health care or supportive services at their own home.

PCA provide an array of services:

We are a major provider of flexible, temporary workforce for care services. Our team of dedicated coordinators, based at local branches across South East Nigeria works with charities, public and private sectors to ensure the delivery of highest standards of care at all times. Providing you with the level of assistance you require and a frequency you prefer, PRIME CARERS cares are invaluable resources that let you focus on living a happy and healthy life full of optimism, spirit, grace, enthusiasm, and, most importantly, strength.


Ø  24/7

Ø  Short term service/Respite (few hours service)


v  Palliative

v  Companion

v  Non-medical Home care

PRIME CARERS care assistance services have the ability to become an important and integral part of your life as you stride through your golden years and plan the next steps for your newest journey, passion, interest, or goal. With few organizations available on the market today, PRIME CARES ASSOCIATION can easily be spotted as the right choice.

If you are looking for assurance in your caring needs, whether for a few hours or around the clock - please see the details of the types of care services we can provide.


1.     Meal Planning and Preparation


Based on your health situation, our carer can help you with planning your meals based on your dietary needs and what you need for staying healthy. You can always provide a carer with any preferences you have for foods but it will be good to see how well a carer will help you with this part of living.

2.     Home Cleaning/Personal Assistance

There might be minor chores around the house that you might need extra help, like laundry or vacuuming.  Whatever the situation, our carer can help you with all of these chores around your home and much more. As one age, it becomes difficult to maintain few personal basic hygiene functions like, using the bathroom, toilet, brushing your teeth, combing hair, bathing or showering and so on. At old age, it might also become hard for you to manage the correct positions for sitting or sleeping. You might struggle to get in and out of a chair or bed as well. However, our carer will respectfully assist you with all these processes.

3.     Shopping Assistance

As you age, it often becomes harder for you to keep your home and yourself up in an orderly fashion. Our carer will assist you in purchases for the right material and at the cost you can afford.

4.     Home Organization

Our carer can be of help in keeping your home properly organized and arranged. As you age, it often becomes harder for you to keep your home up in an orderly fashion. You might lose track of where certain things are as you possess more items than what you can afford to handle.  Our trained carer will help you with keeping your home organized. You can ask for help with things like getting any misplaced items and disposing of old items that you might no longer require, in such a way as it might yield income in return for you.

5.     Financial Services

Our carer can help to get to the bank to make a deposit or withdrawal on your behalf. As you grow old, you will have various financial needs that have to be taken care of in a proper manner. You can always trust and rely on the services of our trained carer

6.     Medication Assistance

Our carer can provide you with the medical assistance that you require. A professional carer will help by ensuring that you take in your medications as required and that you use them as needed. In many cases, a carer will help you even further by ordering and picking up your medications. After getting those medications, your caregiver will sort them out and prepare them so you will have proper access to them all at the right times and measure.

7.     Crisis intervention

Crisis keeps you miles away from a peaceful life and most of these crises linger on as you journey through old age. Our professional carer will assist you in living adorable old age by guiding you aright in time of family or relationship crisis. Our carer will confidentially playing a reconciliation role in cases that trouble your peace of mind and guiding you into the right step to take to settle social problems.



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